Thank you for inquiring about a charitable donation for your event/organization from Bob Mayberry Hyundai. We have been and continuously strive to be a large supporter of charitable events in Union County and the surrounding Charlotte area. Due to the nature of our business, we receive a large number of requests for event sponsorship and unfortunately cannot always meet every request, but will carefully review each one and consider our available resources to meet the needs of the community.

* The request must be received in a timely fashion prior to the event. A minimum of 30 days is necessary for a response. It needs to be submitted via the web form below. 
* Bob Mayberry Hyundai will only consider contributions to not-for-profit organizations. A form 5013c may be requested.
* We will only be able to honor one request per year; per organization. 
* The request must be made every year. One year's commitment will not automatically roll into the next year.

Type of Request:
Sponsorship - Refers to the presentation of the Dealership in the public view as a sponsor for a specific event, activity or initiative.
Donation - Refers to the provision of financial or other benefits with direct recognition of the Dealership.
Advertising - Refers to the placing of print advertising relative to a specific event, occasion or activity. Every request for advertising must include circulation region and quantity in the details field below.
Support - Refers to Bob Mayberry Hyundai as a collection/drop off point for donations and other such types of activities.

Instructions: Please read carefully and complete the below form.
If you have any questions about completing this form please contact the Bob Mayberry Marketing & Business Development Department at (704) 283-8571. Thank you for your request!

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I understand this form is not an agreement but a request for Bob Mayberry Hyundai sponsorship. Should my request be approved, I agree to allow Bob Mayberry Hyundai to publish photos, logos, and stories related to this sponsorship in their Internet based communications and/or any other communication media.